More of September

The weather has been playing with my mood recently. Earlier this week, lashed with rain and cooler with wind combined with drop of temperature, I undertook to look at the arrival of autumn with a smile – after all, how would life be without the passing of seasons?. .. But then, as the official day for autumn, Friday 22nd, approached, temperatures got warmer, the sky bluer and the sun even shone bright!

I felt elated, with a sudden appetite for outdoors again….until I was sorry for myself with a sore throat: driving with your window open is not a good idea in September.

And then this afternoon, as I was catching up on my favorite garden activity : sun lounging, I spotted the visual clues that I needed to persuade myself that autumn is well on its way: mushrooms. Those ones are not like the funky white small round mushrooms that appeared in the peak of our rainy summer. Those ones are brown and very autumn like.

What are your mushrooms like?


And then on other parts of the garden, colorful summer displays still bloom and participate to the beauty of the garden. For yes! I love my garden.

too late for lunch, sorry!

Sep 23, 2017

September is the month of…

Apples, grasses and a sense of nostalgia when looking at the spot that has welcomed most of my reading sessions over the past two months when I did not have to go to the Lycee.

Rushing back to School!







Still, I could not resist updating my blog and sharing with you what my garden holds in store at the moment.

Enjoy the visit!

Acers look at their best at this time of year


trained apple tree growing tasty apples, or else if we forget them, they will be the horse’s treat!

they look ripe, don’t they?

The two seater bench, the BBQ, the fishing net to clean the surface of the pond…. You can see here what summer has been like at Botanic Bay!

the garden’s airy part: grasses tall and featherly add a distinctive note around the decking

Sep 17, 2017

summer solstice

Today is the day the water lilly opened after budding for so many weeks:)

It is nice and comfortable, much gazed at, lovelingly touched in the new pond Mike Lucky Spade has finally completed!

Time for relaxing in the heat of summer…. How is your month of June?


Jun 21, 2017

today’s job

The anti UV liner had to be cut to size.

I nailed two sections onto two wooden lightweight trellis.

After two hours, they were nicely laid side by side to protect the water from the fierce sun rays.

One good thing done!


Mike Lucky Spade did some more brick work and cleared the area under the trees in the corner opposite the pond. There is a new scheme under progress. More about it in a later post!

What did you do today?

May 28, 2017

New pond keeping me busy

So this is where we are at the moment with the pond. The brick cladding is gaining ground while the fish swim happily in their new pond. With the generous sunshine we have had for the past weeks, green algae has formed every afternoon and I have spent a few hours fishing them out and cleaning the filter every day.


Yesterday I purchased the green sheet you can see folded at the back. It is anti UV and it works wonders! Today we laid it over most of the surface and the miracle occured: clear water still in the evening.

What a relief!

We are going to make two wooden frames big enough to cover the whole pond. I will attach a piece of the liner to each one. The idea is that we can use the two, only one or none at all depending on the mood, the force of the sun, etc…

And we are delighted to have witnessed the presence of a frog; we call it Kermit.


How is the wildlife like in your garden?

May 26, 2017

opening new perspectives

After 10 years the pond that Mike Lucky Spade had built to transfer the fish from our previous home and garden, was looking shabby and worn.

So a new pond was built, the fish transferred again and swimming happily in clear water and new gained territory… and still the old empty pond remained there, waiting for the first blow to crumple into a heap of waste.

So now we have a new vista, and more revamping to imagine and action to be taken.





Apr 19, 2017

the Bohemian attitude

hey, well, Sunday was roasting hot. A taste of summer… Enjoyed eating outside in the middle of the garden. We have sun on our terrace only from 3pm.

So what else?

bobo attitude

My favorite planter has also been able to gain new life. Left empty all winter and carefully stored, I revived it with two Lantanas to complement its soft color scheme. Can you see it? It’s on the table at the end of the table.

We keep it as a pot plant away from our fauna because the plant is highly toxic. It is an annual that we can only use as a pot plant here because of the climate we have. In the south it can be found in hedgerows or in pasture. In the wild animals avoid it for the good reason I have stated above.

Apr 10, 2017