Orange is the word

Halloween weekend, and this year we are enjoying mild weather and sunshine!

Still, the garden has kept its yearly cycle and the leaves are displaying a bright show.



and even indoors, orange has come to be the predominant colour. This very tasty chocolate comes all the way from Bayonne, in the Pays Basque. The pumpkin is also dark chocolate so it is an “eat it all” if you dare!

I shall dare…

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L’histoire méconnue du chocolat à Bayonne

Si on vous deviez citer des spécialités basques, vous évoqueriez sûrement le jambon de Bayonne, le piment d’Espelette, le gâteau basque, et encore le gâteau basque. Le chocolat ? Beaucoup moins. Et pourtant…

So long dear Readers!

Oct 30, 2016

flowers galore!

This is what we have now as a hedge to keep passers-by off our plot,

after getting rid of our tattered conifer hedge…

It took two years and a particularly hot end of spring / early summer to amount to such bounty!

1. colourful hedge

2. colourful hedge

4. colourful hedge

6. colourful hedge

8. colourful hedge

11. colourful hedge

and last but not least, there is an addition to our family!

This is Prestige de Garlan, Ally’s new beloved friend


04. gros calin

02a. Promenons nous 4 juil 14

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Jul 6, 2014

50 odd shades of …

I’ve got the flame burning inside the house, and now it’s spreading through the front door…

I was sitting having dinner with my family, and it came as an evidence :

it started with the water bottle on the dining-table

next the delicate line around each petal, on my left













behind me, on the couch

above the piano




freesia nicely in tune












fancy cushion nearby


by the front door, autumn rules the vine

I shall pursue my tour of the 50 shades of… later this week in the garden. What about you ? Are you inclined to a particular colour ?

Oct 14, 2012

Ushhhh ! Hibernating process…

Le chat sleeping is a well-known feature in the house. But isn’t she too quiet ?















A tight ball onto my winter blanket, whiskers raised up in still alarm device…
















She sensed me… how else with the camera flashlight ?! She turned her nose into her paws, in a ‘let me be’ kind of way…

But a few minutes later, she had found refuge onto my daughter’s hip and that was when she cast that very weird look :

“Let me be, or else…”

I put my camera away.

Feb 27, 2012

welcome to the new !

I’m happy to welcome you onboard my freshly re vamped site !

Still news about my garden, feedback on the lycee, places I visit, garden things I spot here and there.

I hope that you will go on enjoying reading the posts, and feel free to post comments in return !

from myself and le chat : “happy blogging”


Oct 8, 2011

hey ho ! time to stir !

two months off from work, and that’s what life is like…

but I have also been busy :

painting …
watching hubby lay a new path…
note that I’ve been hunting for the mosaic and laid some of the pebbles …. !
Soon coming, getting rid of a 50m long thuya hedge, very sick and dying, to be replaced by… nothing, well almost nothing to start with. We are thinking of a mixed hedge, but we will take time into deciding what to plant, and waiting for the right time.

Aug 29, 2011

The woodland area

what wind !!!! my windchimes are rattling mad !

Aug 28, 2009