carv’a chair and peacock

What would YOU do if you had to fell a tree ?

Nice company for a tea ! As long as you agree to share your biscuit…

Something cunning I spotted on the terrace :

recycling gutters into strawberry planters

Jul 19, 2012

the ladies in red

I loved visiting that display through the marshes at Mosaic… very inspiring, a tad spooky, and each lady had a face of her own. What happened to them ? Let your imagination run free on this scene…

Enjoy !


























Bravo l’artiste !

Jul 15, 2012


Yesterday we went back to Mosaic, and had a keen look at their new creation.

The Loukoum Garden is the name, and the landscape architect wants to take you to a town that could be in Turkey, Greece or Bulgaria.

Water is very present everywhere you look :










On the raised terrace, I loved the use of aluminium pots set onto chairs to serve as a guardrail – a repetitive pattern as the fountain above is made with the same metal :

Are we really in the north of France ?! Truly inspiring, don’t you think ?

Jun 24, 2012

The Italian Garden

welcome to the Italian garden, my favourite. I like this photo, the subtitle reads : ‘althéa, tidy your bedroom now !’

Sep 6, 2009

The Spanish Garden

Navigation plots in the Spanish garden…

Sep 6, 2009

Fun day out

my kids love going there, be it for the giant rabbits, or for the multitude of hide and seek games that can be played !

Sep 6, 2009

Through the hoop

come on, students, time to get wet ! the year is just starting, hope you enjoyed your day out with us. If you quote this message cunningly in your next homework, you’ll get bonus points !

Sep 6, 2009