wish I was there !

This photo was taken near the site of Chichen Itza in Mexico.
BTS students : if in your next test you quote “white hut and palm tree at Chichen Itza”, you will get bonus points !

Nov 29, 2009

lovely creature

well this small creature was caught waiting by the hotel buildings, in the early hours of the morning… so swift, so wild, it quickly ran back into the mangrove whenever I tried getting near it !

Nov 21, 2009

palm beach …

as it’s grey and gloomy at the moment, with many students and staff falling ill with various viruses, I thought it would cheer everyone to see that somewhere in the world, there is sunshine and warmth, like when this photo was taken in Mexico last April. We visited the Yucatan peninsula, and stayed on the Riviera Maya. The beach was planted with palm trees, a treat for my monkey of a son !

Nov 16, 2009