flower display

Yesterday, as I was walking towards my classroom through the parc,  I caught sight of a lovely display.  What do you think?

Thanks to the florestry team who had a workshop this week and decided to leave their arrangements hanging from the trees. It certainly makes the area more attractive all the more as we know it is ephemeral. Land art or not?

Cast your votes!

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Oct 8, 2016

Back to school… the park is still quiet after a long summer sleep

So this is it – on Monday the Lycee will be teeming with students and the ones assigned with practice sessions will operate their lawnmowers, hedge trimmers and pick weeds off borders.

For there is need for upkeep after more than two months of the students gone off to work placement and then their summer holiday.

Just see Sleeping Beauty before the Big Do happens:

lycée de sept 02

The tortoise needs a neat trim while the path is overgrown with unwanted grass and moss. Nothing to worry about though!

lycée de sept 06

We have had a period of drought and naturally the natural pond is empty but the grasses are bounty and looking healthy. Not doubt later this year water will return and with it the frogs and the likes to animate its surface and shake the reeds.

So long, dear Readers, and keep it up!

Sep 3, 2016

hey, students, what’s up?


click and sing along!

word crimes

bye for now!

Jul 29, 2014

Interesting videos

This post is destined to my students at Lycée Horticole – call it your holiday update:)





orchid hunter






Jul 8, 2014

landscape students and the archeo park

a new quick follow-up of the work done to revamp the archeo park in V d’Ascq :

Our students were sent on a scientific mission :  apparently they were shown how to spit some saliva onto a small quantity of soil in their palm, so as to determine the presence of clay !

Experimenting, hey ?

Analyzing the soil and writing a list of plants

In order to make the inventory of plants in the archeological park, the students were divided into several groups to analyze the area.

Consequently our group studied a part which was grassland and which is used for welcoming group activities or special events.

Example of plants found in the grassland :

| Taraxacum officinale (dandelion) : yellow flowers, long green leaves. It lives in rich soils.

| Urtica dioïca (stinging nettle) : greenish fowers, quadrangular stalk, indented leaves. It indicates a polluted soil.

| Trifolium repens (clover) : small leaves with 3 folioles, a long petiole, white or pink flowers. It is a sign that the soil is rich in water.

| Carduus nutans (thistle) : purple flowers, prickly leaves. It reveals a compacted soil.

From these observations, we could state that the soil was rich in organic matter, and compacted. In addition, we noticed that the ground was swampy because there was a lot of water at the surface.

We conducted a proper soil analysis, with the taking of samples and the testing with different techniques : the eye, the taste, the ph test, and even the spitting in the hand !

We came to the conclusion that the soil was rich in clay and dry stilt.

HR and MD

Jan 16, 2013

archeo parc

My students are working on the landscaping of the famous archeological parc in Villeneuve d’Ascq, near Lille. They went there for the first time on Dec.5th, to meet up with the staff and see the site with their own eyes.

I asked them to write a description of a part of the site from the viewpoint of an animal. Here are the best essays. Enjoy !


A rabbit’s view

One morning, I was still asleep, and I heard unusual sounds coming from the park. I hurried out of my den and I saw some people I didn’t know. Because I’m a curious rabbit, I decided to follow them. First, they went into the big prehistoric house, then into the small houses of the Bronze Age. Afterwards, they approached the medieval garden which is composed of some vegetables that taste very nice. When they left the garden, I went to nibble at them… Still, during my feast, I was interrrupted by the sound of digging : the people were digging a hole right by my den !….

ND and SF


A bird’s view

One day, I discovered a place that looked like Paradise to me. It was a rainy and windy day, and I was standing on an electric cable 20 feet up in the air. I looked around. Then I flew onto a tree and perched onto a thick branch. Behind me, there was a strange house made with clay and stone. I could fly in and out without problem, there were no humans and the house was open all the time. Inside I spotted the perfect location for a nest. Later I flew out and perched onto the railing of a bridge to observe the stream. With the forest just behind the house, I believed this was the perfect place to settle : I could find a reserve of insects and earthworms in the grass !

HR and MD


A goose ‘s view                                                                                                                            star writing !

The air was cold on this autumn morning, and the wind caressed my feathers. The trees still freshly covered with frost transformed the landscape. I was flying over the trees, and I was losing altitude because of the cold air. So I ended up landing onto the ground. The frozen grass went crisp under my webbed feet, a shiver ran along my legs, my body and all the way to my head. I dawdled and fluttered in the hope of finding a little warmth. Some houses made of wood, straw and mud stood on my right, and I ran there for shelter. After a while, I continued in the direction of the bare trees that were filtering sun rays, showing shiny branches and fresh grass in the parc. I felt warmer and I took my time in the medieval garden to peck at a few leaves already wrinkled and some herbs spared by the fall. My appetite waned, I could see many geese through the large mesh busy kwacking in the nearby pond. So I decided to fly over the fence that separated me from the pond, and joined my new flock.

BG and BH


Jan 6, 2013

sing along

no snow today
my heart has gone away
got to have a normal day…

or else have a plate of flowers for lunch ! That would be most unusual…

thank you Kevin for your display !

Dec 7, 2012