I did it

Landart‘ “à ma façon” ! I did it … my way. Landart is some kind of art, in which you invest the garden with a piece of art, a sculpture, a stone, a painting, a photograph, preferably recycled or weathered or really looking home-made…

I recycled a wooden feature that used to welcome visitors in the entry hall of our house. Until Mike Lucky Spade and his tall figure lead the head to collide with it, causing its end as a one-piece feature. So we had two pieces of wood : the two faces had been seperated and it would have taken only a few drops of superglue to mend it. Only it wasn’t a favourite feature of Mike’s anymore, probably due to the fact that it hurt when it hit… The two faces laid dormant on a shelf in the study for a looooong time, until this morning, when I needed to put some schoolwork away. They were in my way, and I thought I was going to repair it once and for good.

It appeared as flash : I could see them by the pond, nestled amongst our fushia nursery. What do you think ? Better outdoor or indoor ?

The reds have come forward a lot lately at Botanic Bay :

and my new rose ‘Louis de Funès :

10 am


3 pm











Thank you Tatie Cath for the present, not only does it looks mesmerising, but the fragrance is also tentalizing !

May 24, 2012

back to the ‘leaves’ topic…

and what do you think SHE was doing while HE was taking risks in climbing up the willow tree to control its next year’s growth ?….

tada !

Someone mentioned something about a constellation after my last post on the topic of leaves, instead I went for the one big star, which then evolved into the shape of the liquidambar leaves I was picking up to create what you may call my very own piece of LAND’ART !

On that topic, dear readers,  have you attempted land’art in your garden ?

Meanwhile at the back of the garden, more cutting and picking and bagging was involved… Another side of the tree done, Mike says within 2 months – weather permitting, and considering we only allow ourselves one hour and a half session everytime – we will have gone round it ! Why only a few branches at a time ? Well we don’t have a shredding machine and our green bin is not extendable, so it reduces our work capacity. That’s the way we do it !


Dec 4, 2011

Fortissimales, Bondues, sept 2009

Last week end I saw an amazing land’art exhibition, entitled The Four Elements.
Here are my favourite ones. I hope you’ll enjoy the visit !

Oct 6, 2009


My nb 1 : look for the face !


What else ?
This one is for my daughter, who likes handbags a lot !
So clever !
My son’s favourite !
Now, what is it?
Toothbrushes !

Oct 6, 2009

More ‘Fortissimales’













A kids’ must !









Found in Greece, probably…







Ready for a dip ?
That’s the end !

Oct 6, 2009