the use of Vine

during a hike around the tiny village of La Bastid, we walked past this house adorned with autumn colours. Vine is slowly but surely turning red, while all around the oak trees shake their leaves off with the gentle touch of the wind.

Nov 11, 2009

the use of Vine

what a lovely wrought iron gate ! Vine creeps all along the stone wall, creating a sharp contrast with the blue paint of the gate.

Nov 11, 2009

the use of Vine

at the end of the hike, we walked past this dormant house. The vine seems to be keeping it precisouly sealed until the owners come back.

Nov 11, 2009


yummy, if I had known, I would have picked it, my dad said after seeing the picture that is is edible !
Again, found on the golf course in Souillac…

Nov 8, 2009


how do you like this pretty butterfly I chased round the green on the 8th hole while the boys were playing ? It was a hot sunny end of October morning, and if I remember correctly the temperature reached a noble 26°C in the afternoon … That’s the life !

Nov 6, 2009

more gentle fog

a lovely view from the balcony of the house we stay at Souillac Golf Country Club, again, all is quiet…

Nov 5, 2009

a touch of fog

on our way to the Borie d’Imbert, a goat farm producing the great Rocamadour cheese, I caught a sight of fog trailing at the foot of the hill : an airy impression of intemporality. All is quiet…

Nov 3, 2009