September is the month of…

Apples, grasses and a sense of nostalgia when looking at the spot that has welcomed most of my reading sessions over the past two months when I did not have to go to the Lycee.

Rushing back to School!







Still, I could not resist updating my blog and sharing with you what my garden holds in store at the moment.

Enjoy the visit!

Acers look at their best at this time of year


trained apple tree growing tasty apples, or else if we forget them, they will be the horse’s treat!

they look ripe, don’t they?

The two seater bench, the BBQ, the fishing net to clean the surface of the pond…. You can see here what summer has been like at Botanic Bay!

the garden’s airy part: grasses tall and featherly add a distinctive note around the decking

Sep 17, 2017

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