More of September

The weather has been playing with my mood recently. Earlier this week, lashed with rain and cooler with wind combined with drop of temperature, I undertook to look at the arrival of autumn with a smile – after all, how would life be without the passing of seasons?. .. But then, as the official day for autumn, Friday 22nd, approached, temperatures got warmer, the sky bluer and the sun even shone bright!

I felt elated, with a sudden appetite for outdoors again….until I was sorry for myself with a sore throat: driving with your window open is not a good idea in September.

And then this afternoon, as I was catching up on my favorite garden activity : sun lounging, I spotted the visual clues that I needed to persuade myself that autumn is well on its way: mushrooms. Those ones are not like the funky white small round mushrooms that appeared in the peak of our rainy summer. Those ones are brown and very autumn like.

What are your mushrooms like?


And then on other parts of the garden, colorful summer displays still bloom and participate to the beauty of the garden. For yes! I love my garden.

too late for lunch, sorry!

Sep 23, 2017

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