New pond keeping me busy

So this is where we are at the moment with the pond. The brick cladding is gaining ground while the fish swim happily in their new pond. With the generous sunshine we have had for the past weeks, green algae has formed every afternoon and I have spent a few hours fishing them out and cleaning the filter every day.


Yesterday I purchased the green sheet you can see folded at the back. It is anti UV and it works wonders! Today we laid it over most of the surface and the miracle occured: clear water still in the evening.

What a relief!

We are going to make two wooden frames big enough to cover the whole pond. I will attach a piece of the liner to each one. The idea is that we can use the two, only one or none at all depending on the mood, the force of the sun, etc…

And we are delighted to have witnessed the presence of a frog; we call it Kermit.


How is the wildlife like in your garden?

May 26, 2017

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