out in the garden, spring is on its way!

It is getting sunnier and brighter as the days pass. Nice awakening everywhere in the garden: the Osmanthus bushes are in full bloom and their fragrance is very sweet. The Rhododendron is glorious in the back bed. The neighbor’s cherry tree is covered in white blossoms and gives a fresh backdrop to the view I have from the lounge.

Last week we ventured as far as staying late, after dusk that is (!) on the terrace. Thanks to the brasero; first lit of the year!

One day a robin dared perching onto a log by the kitchen door. It was a young one, awkward at flying and it had landed here perchance surely. We carefully kept Le Chat indoors the time it took for it to gain altitude.

On the spade front, things are moving slowly but surely. The fish can now swim in their new pond. The Alliums have sprouted and later in the year, they should give a gigantic diplay of white heads at the back of the pond.

In a week’s time, it’ll be the Easter hols,

so until then, enjoy your garden!






Apr 2, 2017

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