Orange is the word

Halloween weekend, and this year we are enjoying mild weather and sunshine!

Still, the garden has kept its yearly cycle and the leaves are displaying a bright show.



and even indoors, orange has come to be the predominant colour. This very tasty chocolate comes all the way from Bayonne, in the Pays Basque. The pumpkin is also dark chocolate so it is an “eat it all” if you dare!

I shall dare…

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halloween-2016-c                                            halloween-2016-d

L’histoire méconnue du chocolat à Bayonne

Si on vous deviez citer des spécialités basques, vous évoqueriez sûrement le jambon de Bayonne, le piment d’Espelette, le gâteau basque, et encore le gâteau basque. Le chocolat ? Beaucoup moins. Et pourtant…

So long dear Readers!

Oct 30, 2016

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