the first dig is dug!

With the good weather we are currently enjoying, nothing can stop us now!


As always the question is: where to put the soil we excavate?…. It is going to prove a challenge in our mature garden.

In the background, our current pond, 10 years of age, that is due to be dismantled. Twelve odd carps and gold fish swim in there.


The Lantana is now in a pot, waiting like the other specimens to find a better home once the new pond is up.


Besides, I also decided to give this pretty blue ceramic pot new lodgers in the form of tulip bulbs. I know there are gardeners that think they are set too close to one another, now I am fully aware of that but I have seen videos of amateur gardeners displaying amazing tulip planters at the end of winter. And this is how they do it. So I am trying my luck with a nice bed of pouzolane to avoid rotting.

transformation-10Pregnant pot expecting 10 white tulips!


Nice encounter before I went back to the kitchen to cook lunch;)

Sep 25, 2016

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