one afternoon for a change

Got the feel for giving this terracotta pot a new look. It has welcomed a Magnolia that would not grow at all after so many years. So Mike Lucky Spade took the initiative to move it once again -‘ tis its third shift!- but luckily mostly out of sight because it is currently looking very sorry for itself…

It will bloom – said Mike Lucky Spade.

But he said the same last time he placed it in the pot that is today under operation.

So the usual brushing, sanding and painting took place. Hence the following pics:

pot revamp 01

pot revamp 02

pot revamp 03

It will receive a standard Rose that will need to be whisked away in view of our new planning of this very area – looking very overgrown indeed.

Have a good time in your garden dear Readers:)

Sep 2, 2016

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