Back to school… the park is still quiet after a long summer sleep

So this is it – on Monday the Lycee will be teeming with students and the ones assigned with practice sessions will operate their lawnmowers, hedge trimmers and pick weeds off borders.

For there is need for upkeep after more than two months of the students gone off to work placement and then their summer holiday.

Just see Sleeping Beauty before the Big Do happens:

lycée de sept 02

The tortoise needs a neat trim while the path is overgrown with unwanted grass and moss. Nothing to worry about though!

lycée de sept 06

We have had a period of drought and naturally the natural pond is empty but the grasses are bounty and looking healthy. Not doubt later this year water will return and with it the frogs and the likes to animate its surface and shake the reeds.

So long, dear Readers, and keep it up!

Sep 3, 2016

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