the Hautpoul hike

May’s blessed many bank kolidays have let me take some time off the house and the pets.

Off I went for a few days in the south west and I did this hike with my dad. A four hour hike walk up and down hills, sometimes up steep paths and other times gentle winding paths.

But all the time surrounded by the sense of wild and quiet. The sounds of Nature came to my ears, not a single car, not a single plane, but still network for my mobile phone so I could tease the working family back home with some selfies or lovely sceneries.

Here is a sample:

as you can notice, the weather was cloudy, but it made the colours of the surrounding vegetation even more outstanding…

Hautpoul, medieval village

chesnuts from the previous autumn

flashy bug









ruinsThe tall vegetation mainly consists of acacia, horse chestnut and chestnut trees.

narrow path, beware!Some ferns, mosses and ivy completed the scenery,

the best bit of colour all the waybut the loud Cistus were definitely the best bit of colour all the way!


Time for lunch, and then as it started to drizzle, we took shelter under the building where the village oven was set.

picnic by the village oven

And then in the afternoon, with the heat building up at last, came the sounds of Nature:


Then back home, I had one, only one day to enjoy the garden!!!!!

back home, one hot sunny day so far….

May 31, 2015

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