we’re back!

It’s been some time I haven’t posted news about the garden

Botanic Bay bowed its head while Mike Lucky Spade and I were debating about future transformations : a new terrace, the pond revamped, and more plants added to the edge.

We had so much rain over the wintry months, I must admit I mostly stayed indoors with the cats!

Now the sun is back, it’s mild and all the plants are bursting to share buds, flowers, leaves. So I grabbed my camera and went round the garden ; here is what I collected:

IMGP57722 ducks watching from a high post!

IMGP5839                                  many tulips, but this dwarf specie in particular, so eye-catching

IMGP5844                            faithful Dicentra,

                            not bothered at all after having been removed from the pond area

                             – currently in stand-by mode, waiting for the ideal spot….

IMGP5846                              promising Acer – big relief to see the leaves appear,

as this tree was transplanted only 3 weeks ago,

part of the new plan for the pond area

IMGP5848                           Old rhodo has decided to be generous this year ;

It’s covered in these complicated flowers!

IMGP5849 Blue poppy-like gem, self sown… 🙂

IMGP5864                                  Pear tree – any fruit this year, Sir?

                                                            I’m not too bothered, though, I do not like pears….

IMGP5851                             Side overview – we-re getting there!


time for my morning coffee – until next time, bye bye!

Apr 6, 2014

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