this is May, and the Barcelona experience


that’s how I feel today…. tomorrow is bank holiday Monday you see !


there has been some time since I last posted a message, the mood was not right to tell you all… The weather is partly responsible : mid May and we managed to eat out only twice for this year.

So I took my daughter for a short break to Barcelona – we have so many bank holidays in May, it is the time or never ! Again, the weather was so so, but our stay could not be spoiled just because of the colour of the sky. We loved eating at the Ola tapas restaurant, very classy and tasty 🙂

we stayed in a funny kind of “hotel meet guest house” called the Vasanta hotel… I can highly recommend it for its standard and uniqueness !

Here are the few pics I’d like to share with you :

funny bottle-shaped palms

funny bottle-shaped palms




last one from the lobby of the Vasanta hotel

10. lobby del hostel vasanta, ultima foto

and that’s all folks ! I was about to say “old sport” but that’s because I saw The Great Gatsby at the movie last night, and I absolutely loooooooooooooooved it !

What’s new with you ?


May 19, 2013

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