and then came the sun

I am one of them… One who truly dislikes the cold and does not absolutely want to frolick out in the snow. Yet, being a dog owner, what choice have I got ? I mean, it took the cats  one paw out, to quickly decide they would spend the rest of the snow spell onto their cushion by the radiator. How wise !

But from a dog viewpoint… it is quite a different matter. Anyway, when the sun shot unexpectedly through the thick layer of grey clouds that had been hovering for the past 36 hours, I put on everything it takes not to feel the bite from the icy cold and grabbed my camera to see how the sun would play with the garden.

the sea of tranquility

the sea of tranquility



everything is so quiet... hey, wait a minute !...

everything is so quiet… hey, wait a minute !…

oh, yes.... the mad dog :)

oh, yes…. the mad dog 🙂

she hasn't come here yet, so where where we ? .... Zeeeennnn....

she hasn’t come here yet


schools are shut today again, so one more day-in won !

zen attitude

zen attitude

what about you ? Is it spring yet ?

Mar 13, 2013

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