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This post was written for an essay by K. B., one of my students. I loved  his true and keen interest in the world of plants. My students had to write a short text on ‘Autumn Colours’, and this is what he handed me over :

“Many plants change colours during this season, and the gardeners like thses colors in the landscape and garden.

They are long-lived, many love the autumn because they choose this season for flowering like anemones, cyclamens, violas, bellis… and it’s often a good idea to forget the loss of the summer.

Many shrubs are very interesting for their bark colour, like the Cornus. Cornus alba ‘siberica’ has a red bark Kesselringer has an ebony bark.

Calicarpa gives beautiful mellow fruit ; many evergreen shrubs have beautiful cultivars with beautiful leaves like Erioymus europeus ‘arlequin’ and also Nandina domestica ‘fire power’.

Calicarpa at the lycee, just starting fruiting !

Many trees are interesting because leaves change colour like Pyrus caleryana ‘chantecleer’. It’s an ornemantal pear tree and its leaves become a mix of pink and red. Also, Tilia cordata has soft yellow leaves.

Pyrus caleryana ‘chantecleer’ in the park of the lycee

To finish, there is a rare and beautiful tree, Prunus subhirtela ‘automnalis’ rosae, with double white flowers at the end of the autumn.”

admirable flower of Prunus-subhirtella-Autumnalis-Rosea

Prunus subhirtella in situ


So this is the end of his essay, but I must say I expected  to read a text on blazing landscapes firing reds and oranges and yellows… well everybody gets to learn better every day !

Dec 1, 2012

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