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back to school at this time of year, is not especially a piece of cake.

Luckily, the garden, muddy as it is from the heavy rains we have had over the past few weeks, is still our play area, and gives me something to look at with an appreciative eye. This Sunday, we had the opportunity to move things round a bit. Mike Lucky Spade got the wintry urge for undig/dig action !

So in the long sequel of our favourite autumn series called “Who Wants to be Planted There ?”, let me introduuuuuuuce….

>>Prrrruuuuunus Cerrruuuulaaaaaa !


prunus cerula gets a new spot

It was getting a bit mossy in the back garden, stuck between the acers from the pond and the cherry tree, backed by a solid hedge of prunus. Mike Lucky Spade dug a new hole and decided to lengthen the side bed to meet up with the Hamamelis. It now stands nicely against the  vivid dwarf Nandina.

what I also liked that Sunday in my garden

















Any new staging happening in your plot ?

Nov 12, 2012

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