Here comes the red again…

as promised in my last post, I went round the garden this afternoon in search of some red,

it was oh so warm for the season, with a high level of humidity,

so in other words, I liked the quaint tropical feel of the  north of France…

Here are the red faces of my garden in all their glory or their modest attire :

from the kitchen,

the line of young cornus









then behind the pond, now that the bignone has finished flowering its large red flowers, the acer has turned redder.


along the house,

on the south wall,

two lone forgotten

red tomatoes…

my lovely stumpy Nandina






another acer by the decking, more subdued but in a nice variation of yellows and oranges,

and its companion,

the already very tired

young sambucus





and a dash of red amongst

the hedge and its late wild








the first red leaf

shed from the





oh, and a red pot

by the rockery…






Cotoneaster fruiting






with its many elegant

bends and curves,



and back to the pond area, a climbing begonia is taking one last salute raising up in the air !

That’s all folks ! Give us a glimpse of your red stars ?



Oct 22, 2012

2 comments to Here comes the red again…

  • This is the season of the reds. I too like the acer and the cornus. Cotoneaster is loved in berry also.

  • I love red twig dogwood – so pretty! The red maples are so beautiful this time of year, too! I have a red bark Japanese maple that is supposed to be the centerpiece of a small winter garden, but it’s had a hard time this past summer! My nandinas always look beautiful, though.

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