about turf and meadow

This post is a kind few lines dropped by my friend Hervé who teaches landscape design at my school.

So there it goes, students : memorize once and for good please !

Here are some examples of turfed areas :

natural turf in Brittany













Armeria maritima













Turfed areas can be found by the sea, like the pictures above, taken in Brittany, or in the mountain or on some chalky plateaux. They are almost never maintained. These areas appear and develop by themselves. Plants are low on the ground, they flower and produce seeds.

In a meadow, the plants also flower and seed. They can be used as food for cattle and they have an aesthetic value : the waving of the tall grasses in the wind and the bounty of colours and shapes are visible signs that Nature is alive and worth preserving.

let us sow meadows to replace lawns, that demand too much water !

Some examples of the flowers that can be found :

Dianthus superbus

Hesperis matronalis












Leucanthemum vulgare













Nigella damascena (blue) and Calendula officinalis (orange)

Aren’t they truly irresistible ? They exist in the wild – the photos have been taken in the countryside around where I live.

Of course they can be purchased in garden centres. In fact they have settled here at Botanic Bay when I untertook to plant in-between my young row of bushes in the hedge flanking the street last fall. I used multi seed packets bought from my local garden centre, and it worked beautifully. My secret hope is that they will have self-seeded in my neighbours’ gardens !

What about your meadow plots ?


Oct 14, 2012

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