The Fairchild Botanical Garden, Miami

A must-see, and the following photos will surely tell you why.

Let me take you to Asia, Madagascar and the tropics, in one tour of the Gardens !

a feel of the tropics

a palm opening like a flower and its fruit chore
















a glimpse of Asia, I love the shades of grey and green
















a mirror effect most mesmerizing !

a mix of tall and small, and a leaf  contrast that enhances the beauty of each specimen
















windswept ! what architecture ! a sculpture of its own …















how stylish ! I love the solid dark trunk and the feathery flowers in a soft shade of pink at the top

the petticoat palm, a botanic fancy !

































a place where you feel very little ! come back, kids, there could be a giant spider at the end of the path !
















and suddenly, teleportation to Madagascar !

a scene that recreates the famous Spiney Forest in the south of the island of Madagascar, where Stewart Cable, a famous botanist and plant hunter from Kew Gardens, went to in search of aloe suzannae some years ago. I followed his quest through a dvd called ‘A Year at Kew’, that I use for my lessons.

one last tease before you decide to visit this fabulous garden !

So long, dear readers.

Next week I’m lucky enough to have next Friday afternoon free, and I will go to a zen garden located not far from here, nicely accompanied by my friend Hervé, who will no doubt share some of his plant knowledge to transform this excursion into a cultural moment !

Sep 30, 2012

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