Miami Sequarium

From my plant loving eyes, the world famous Miami Sequarium was not just a place for dolphins and other obedient creatures, but also one for gazing at some landscaped scenes.

Here the pool seems to emerge from a dense mangrove, inhabited by a multitude of wild fauna and flora, amongst which this funny bird. It had the looks of a regular visitor, I wonder wether they take it in turn to appear like that from the background.  I watched it popping from the bush and steadily move forward the girls and their case filled with fish, parading like on the catwalk – which, for a bird, is quite a feat. It eventually helped itself while everyone was concentrating on the flips and flops of the great dolphins and the blabbing of their loving trainers.

From here, I liked the open vista onto the other side, Miami harbour and business centre. A long stretch of grass, with only a few trees, it didn’t look appealing to go there, but simply to enjoy the view. It took me some time to have the right shot, as we walked quite a number of times this way during the day, which started with a lot of clouds, then bightened up towards lunchtime into a stifling heat. Didn’t I mention the heat before about my Miami trip ?

Sure I did.

Then one area was dedicated to recreating the original mangrove lanscape – to be true, it looked very idyllic and many tortugas swam in a transparent hot river type of meander looking closed pen. Again, very scenic.

Then two other birds ventured themselves by the restaurant tables. I couldn’t resist publishing this picture now as my kids are watching the rebels of the forest on telly. Whatever pregnant the impact we have on the environment is, we will always let the wild come in, even if the window is very narrow and the animals have to adapt !

Told you I would try and show you the botanic side of the Miami Sequarium. It’s not much, but there it is !

Aug 30, 2012

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