miami beach botanical garden

North of the city, after a nice hot bike ride through the not too busy streets away from the business district and Ocean drive, we discovered the Miami Beach Botanical Garden. It has short opening hours – it shuts at 5pm ! but it’s worth going there on time, as it reveals many cultural aspects.







The main one is Big Foot, the feature that can be seen even from the street when the gates are shut. It is an imposing statue, whose meaning is revealed in the house dedicated to art classes.






































I really liked the building, the sculpture of a flamingo and the planting on and around it. It gave a feeling of refinement that was echoing the rest of the garden.




















Water was present everywhere, and I especially liked this fountain and the impression of volume given by the use of  heavy natural stone. It was in tune with the character Big Foot, the giant flamingo, and the big leaves and tall trunks of the tropical plants. Unity is truly achieved I found.

Let us finish with a view of the entrance, a path takes you through a woody area landscaped like a Japanese garden.















To be honest, apart from the red bridge and a couple of bonzai pines, I wasn’t really impressed with this part. Luckily the rest of the garden won my heart, and I would advise you not to miss the visit if you get the chance.

Note that there is not a single bar or coffee place right next to it, and it’s a real miss for this garden. I am certain it would attract more tourists if there was a place to sit and have a drink.

So we pedalled our way back towards Lexington avenue, where we were able to grab a cool drink from the starbuck cafe there.

So long, Big Foot !

Aug 20, 2012

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