a taste of the tropics, made in Miami

Back from my trip overseas, I’ve got some photos I’d like to share with you, dear readers.

It was a great experience to visit Miami with a keen eye for the plants. Some areas are truly beautifully planted, like the Historic Spanish district :

We had a real feel of the Mediterranean here, if it was not for the pervading humid tropic air that would enter every pore of our skin ! We walked through the lovely quiet streets in the day time, then we had fantastic meals at night in a much more animated atmosphere. Italian, Mexican, Spanish, Brazilian… make your choice, the food is excellent.


I wish I lived here !
















I especially liked the use of  large pots to mark the edge of the street – they provided privacy as well as a sense of coolness.

They were abundantly watered mornings, before lunch clients  and afternoons, before dinner clients. Of course, there was the mosquito factor to take into account, but then we were initiated to the fabulous ‘off’ spray.


The art deco district was also rich in planting : lines of palm trees of course, but also walls, roofs, dunes. The result is a softened environment, which despite the prevailing forceful heat keeps on a welcoming appeal.

dune at South Beach, Miami
















sharp contrast north of the city !

like in the movies !
















We also visited the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, the Miami Botanic Garden and we had a tour in the Everglades. And I believe I’ll manage to show you the planting side of the famous Miami Seaquarium !

So more colourful tropical posts to come, keep in touch !

Aug 19, 2012

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