planting gutters

I took action ! Having stated that I found ‘cunning’ the recycling of gutters to use as strawberyy planters I had seen at the Mosaic parc in June, Mike Lucky Spade and I spent a couple of hours measuring, drilling, purchasing, potting and finilly chilling out in front of our work…

It all started with the purchase of a small PVC gutter, same colour and texture as the tube that is running down the other wall. Then Mike had to go back to the DIY place as I had bought the wrong caps for the ends… A good 20mns later, the gutter was sectionned into 3 bits and properly terminated with the right caps.

Meanwhile I looked at what could be used in the garden to fill in the three shallow planters. And I had to realize that at this time of year, most strawberries and most overhanging plants have developped too big a root system to fit the small space.

So off to the garden centre – aren’t they blessed we are such project schemers ? We got some small strawberry plants, small ivy (standing and creeping), and some goldy lock dangling plant that proved a tad tricky to divide afterwards.

So the planting started

in, a strawberry plant…

and in, a little bit of ivy…



 some muddy hands and some screeching hammer drilling later, it looked like this :

And what about you, any weekend project to share ?

Enjoy your summer. So long !

Jul 23, 2012

6 comments to planting gutters

  • Well I enjoyed that – a successful project and it brightens up what was before a boring wall. And we always need more plants 🙂
    Next project ?

    • Céline

      revamping the floor of the terrace, reshaping the garden shed, creating a new trellis near the hamamelis, and my removable screen soon to be revealed… I hope.

  • Sawyer

    What a marvellous idea! I would never have thought of that! That truly is making the most of your resources around you….Thanks for the idea!! 🙂

    • Céline

      thanks Sawyer, I’m trying to turn the traditional use of things into planters whenever I have the feeling it could look good ; always in situ, though…

  • Oh, I love this! I really like your standing ivy plant that you have in it. It really gives it a great structure!

    • Céline

      thanks Indie, a miniature of a stick ivy, it was a great found that day in the garden centre. As you could see, I don’t have much of the wildlife you have in your garden, so my faithful metal owl makes up for it !

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