more lilies and a dish


early this morning, rain battering on the windows, “another one of those days” – I think to myself. We have been very unlucky with the weather for the past week, an enormous very unwanted quantity of water has fallen from the sky, but the plants have mostly kept their heads up, unlike some of us ! I came across a true wonder on my morning tour :

a new lily has opened

and in situ :

Then you may wonder what has become of the courgette  ?? 🙂

Well it has met a most envious destiny, in being turned into a courgette farçie (stuffed courgette).

Here goes the recipe : mince veal and pork mixed with shallot, garlic, parsley, salt and pepper. Fry in olive oil until golden. In the meantime cook some rice to accompany the dish, as well as pre-bake the emptied tomatoes and courgette. The inside is nicely melting together with the meat and the herbs in the frying pan. After 15mns, it looked like this :

courgette and tomatoes farcies à ma façon








Stuff the meat impregnated with delicious flavours inside the pre baked vegetables, and send back into the oven for 10 more minutes – just long enough to let them get acquainted and mix juices.

Serve the best you can : the tomatoes have become soft and you need to be careful not to break them. Well anyway my plate looked like this :






          Bon appétit !

Jul 8, 2012

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