party time

We, the June girls, had a garden party earlier this week and here are a few pics of the scene :

view from the terrace

Paper lanterns light up the background of the new trellis ; this year’s grand discovery in my garden are the Cleopatra’s needles, shooting high and proud above the nandina and small osmanthus. Their soft orange spikes attract bees a lot, and the multitude of flowers open gradually from the bottom to the top – they’re amazing to watch.

Balloons fill up the gap left vacant on the metal rods where a young vine grows. This border really is colourful, and the marigolds form a dense line along the white wall.

Looking more closely at the marigolds, I loved the drying flowers, with their petals not so round






Jun 21, 2012

2 comments to party time

  • Laura

    looking beautiful, specially in the sun! Is the swirly green ball one of your concrete creations, if so it is very effective.
    Hoping you both had lovely birthdays, lots of love from us all here xxx

    • Céline

      hi Laura
      glad you enjoyed the visit ; the terracotta ball was painted by myself last year, I’m happy it resisted the heavy frost and ice spell we had during the late winter !
      thanks for your much appreciated cards 🙂

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