viva la plancha !

Out the BBQ, in La Plancha !

tried and tested for the best !

It all started last winter, when we thought how lovely it would be to have a brasero in our garden ; a sunken firepit, or a mexican stove…

We visited a few places over the past weeks, until we entered this new BBQ store in our city, where they display everything from the tiny metal BBQ  to the immense gaz stove for the outside. Very friendly staff, young people with enthusiasm and knowledge. A big change from the over-bored staff from some other diy shops…

The section on firepits got all our attention. A metal BBQ – we already had, and made big use of ! but a fire-pit that could cook your food instantly in the La Plancha way that I love to have in restaurants, that had to be it.

So we inaugurated our two-in-one last night, after what seemed a decisive breakthrough of the sun over the clouds.  The result is amazing, and I believe our metal BBQ could get dusty before we use it again. The meat was soft and tasty, and cooked so quickly !

In the meantime, le chat was being naughty, chasing out young birds that were taking flying lessons :









fly away little chap ! Le chat is lurking and you're chirping too loudly !








As for us, we were sipping our glass of rosé in a state of semi bliss – an evening in the sun…

but by the fire-pit !


May 13, 2012

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