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If you’re looking for a shrub that will look stunning at this time of year, go for a paeonia. I have none in my garden, but this one I captured on a short visit at Hervé’s garden.

He got my interest by saying : ‘you’ve got to see my paeonia. Flowers spanning 27 cm !’. I gave him a lift back to his house, and grabbed my camera that was cunningly with me that day – I was hoping to catch something interesting going on at Lycée Horticole. But that’s another story…

Waoh ! Here they were, in his front garden, displaying their massive heads at the passers-by :



They’re very easy to grow, very hardy and with amazing flowers. Paeonia suffruticosa, is a bush that could reach 3.5 m.

Hey, I’m still looking for a bush to go on the side of the new trellis that was put up this week-end. Paeonia, you’ve got a deal ! Welcome (soon) at Botanic Bay !

Mike Lucky Spade in his main role, last Sunday at Botanic Bay

May 14, 2012

4 comments to think BIG

  • I did not know that Paeonia could grow that high !
    Well we can look around and see for the variety.
    Are they tree like ? My fear is that will be a bit to draggly and droopy, no ?

    • Céline

      there are two types of paeonia : herbacious or bushy. The bushy one in Hervé’s garden seemed to me like a buddleia in a way, same height, same resistance…

  • Laura

    We have a peony that is herbacious. I has taken 5 years to flower (perhaps due to the roots being chewed by Sammy the squirrel), and after threatening it last year with a ‘flower or make way for something that does’ speech, it had the good grace to do so, with great results. It has spread to almost a metre wide, but is about knee high. I was desperate to have one as I remember the beautiful one we had in our garden as children! It has been a long wait, but I was thrilled last year, buds are there so fingers crossed for an even better show this year x

    • Céline

      the news is Laura – today we planted a tree peony (still vey small though) which should grace us with black flowers next year. Mike has been busy today as it’s a bridge day from bank holiday Thursday. Lots of golf as well and Lancelot who is now regional champion for the Nord-pas de Calais !

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