the garden is a stage

my garden has a basic structure where pots and features are grafted for a short period of time.

They shift and whirl with the mood, and the content. Which face of the pot do I wish to see from the lounge bay window ? Which pot would look good in this location at that time of year ? And the buddha statue ? And the terracotta balls : 3, 5 or just 1 ?

Group, scatter, unite, mirror, complement, contrast – my key words for staging Botanic Bay.

the garden is a stage - ball and acer


the garden is a stage - colourful planting

It’s bank holiday today in France, we’re celebrating the armistice from WWII. But not a day for enjoying some time in the garden I’m afraid – more rain, which is going to drive me to the cinema instead !

May 8, 2012

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