When the days are warm, it’s a good idea to take indoor plants out in the garden and place them in the shade of bigger plants.

I untertook a whirling dervish dance of spring pot shifting yesterday, as the weather was glorious at last :

mini succulents in recycled wax candle container

In the yellow pot in the background, I’m growing a plant which produces edible flowers. I’ll have to dive into a recipe book when I have enough, for I have never eaten one before . Suggestions welcome !

Here is another example of a funky container I found in the Emmaus Charity sale – I haven’t got a clue what it is supposed to be originally :

why a handle ? !!!








now invested with some plants...








Everywhere in the garden, flowers are showing their true colours, and here is a selection of what can be found :

clematis and wisteria entwined

agapanthus opening









agapanthus opening

still opening











more granny's bonnets











Tradescantia virginia for shady areas










Albert the Owl was on the watch during the evening…










May 20, 2012

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  • Natalie

    I have never had edible flowers before!! Did you try them yet? What are they like?

    • Céline

      they don t really taste of anything actually ! I believe it s more for the show… A little bit on the sweet side for some, bitter for others. My friend uses them to add colour and a surprise effect to his salads or ice creams

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