firework of flowers

Some bold, some shy, some bright, some soft, some lone, some grouped…

They’re all there, and a lot more to come, attracting wildlife in my garden !





















nemesia, pansies and co












azalea and rhodo duet

tulip with a tangy centre








bold head








import from England









shy verbena








perfect for tea

May 10, 2012

8 comments to firework of flowers

  • Looking great. Lovely flowering compositions. Good teamwork!

    The question is how big is that GUNNERA going to get ??!!

    • Céline

      gunera can span to 3m wide for the leaves, I believe, and the plant istself… well let see how it adapts in our garden and to this year’s weather !

  • Laura

    lovely Aquilegia, ours have self-set all over the garden, but they’re nowhere near out yet, gorgeous! Prefer old-fashioned English name of “granny’s bonnets”, quaint and cottage gardenlike.

  • 3 metre wide leaves !!!!!!!!???????????
    That will be a “feature” for our small garden. It may provide a tad too much shade for our pond ??

  • Hello Céline,
    And can you take cuttings ?? How would you propagate a GUNNERA ?

    • Céline

      I must admit I really don’t know Betty, the best thing would be to ask Mark and Gaz from alternativeeden blog, as they advised me to try one ! They’re on the side bar. As for me, I don’t do much cutting and propagation myself. I don’t have the space nor the right equipment, not to mention the time it must take ! So I get to pay the full price for many already grown plants too !

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