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May 6th 2012


Mike Lucky Spade and I never chose to plant roses in Botanic Bay on the account that they are pricky items which show interest only a few months of the year and are prone to all sorts of pests and diseases so that they’re not worth the trouble.

But recently we purchased a standard ‘Louis de Funes’ rosebush, for its bright orange flowers as well as a bushrose ‘Christine Laborde’ for its genereous creamy white flowers edged with a hue of orange – I like orange.

Sorry no photos, they’re still young, recently planted, so not really merging with the surrounding elements, and not even yet blooming.

In the meantime, I adorned my dining-table centerpiece with these charming elegant creamy white roses, unfortunately non fragrant, but enlightening the dark wook of the table together with being a nice change from the usual cut flowers I get every week. That’s because my wild flowers havent flowered yet, but I’m hoping sometime in the summer I will be able to display them inside.

In the garden at the moment, tulips as being the stars of the show. Like these amazing specimens, unfolding gracefully in turn – they make the show while the alliums and the lillies are taking their time to open, but the firework of flowers is fully operational at the moment.

In my next post, I shall show you the staging I’ve made with my pots filled with flowering plants, in response to Alternative Eden blog asking what staging we had devised in our garden.

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May 6, 2012

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