Albert the Owl

hey Frenchies, say it “zi aol”, so you can hear the rhyme in the name !

Let me introduce you to my  fake pet-owl :

Albert the Owl - strike a pose

It comes from the Emmaus charity sale I went to last week end.

I couldn’t believe my luck as it is the kind of feature that integrates perfectly into a garden. It was standing on a shelf amongst plates and cups and bowls in the crokery section, god knows why, but anyway I found it and grabbed it at once. It had to become part of my garden, and happily so for the modest sum of 1 euro.

Sometimes I put it on the stone bench by the ferns and the campanules, near what we call our woodland section, or it gets to stand on the terrace between 2 wooden pots so I can see it from inside the house.

Emmaus is like an ali baba cave for me – there I find  second-hand items that get a new life in my garden : mirrors, vases, urns, candelabras, or in my house : fancy cups, bowls from another time, things that don’t get manufactured any more.

I call it my vintage provision, and I like mixing contemporary things with quaint dainty objects.

What about you, do you like staging your garden with recycled items and can you show me ?

May 17, 2012

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