what’s in a name ?

Last year I was amazed at the long lasting blooming of a glorious dark pink Senetti I had purchased from my garden centre. It filled my mind with peps everytime I laid my eyes on it and its terracotta container so pefectly matching ! …

Being an annual plant, I found myself falling for its purple sibbling lately, and the same wave of enthusiasm was produced thanks to it. Just take a look :


Today I decided to know more about its origin. I googled the name ‘senetti’, to be re routed to the senetti.com site, and this is what I read :



SENETTI® is bred by the innovative plant breeding company Suntory Flowers Ltd.from Japan. Suntory bred the first vegetatively propagated trailing Petunia called SURFINIA®,Verbena’s TAPIEN® and TEMARI®, and Viola called “VIOLINA” and the very first Calibrachoa hybrids to the world’s market place, called MILLION BELLS®. The secret of SENETTI® is that it is the first genuine re blooming pericallis. It also has better branching, larger blooming and more tolerance to a wide range of temperatures and is easy to cultivate in North America. SENETTI® has now been on the North American market since 2004 and its development is almost as explosive as that previously experienced by the petunia SURFINIA®. SENETTI® will open up new markets. It has now become a firm consumer favorite thanks to its rich and long lasting blooms, excellent garden performance and undemanding nature. Every consumer who buys or receives SENETTI® is bound to want this magnificent product in their garden again next year. This has been indicated by consumer research! In addition to being popular as a pot plant, SENETTI® is also emerging as a popular bedding plant best suited to the outdoors in semi shade.

So what’s in a name ? A plant that is bred to fit our most precise wishes as avid gardeners. Bravo my Japanese friends !


Is there a plant that fills you with utter and complete satisfaction, a kind of  ‘chouchou’ (pet plant) in your garden ?

Apr 5, 2012

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  • What an absolutely eye-catching colour!! So vibrant & uplifting 🙂 I think my ‘chouchou’ plant would be Adenium Obesum (Desert Rose), its beautiful pinkish red flowers always makes me smile & stop to take a closer look.

  • Mike "lucky" Spade


  • Laura

    saw one exactly the same shade in the garden centre at the weekend and immediately thought of you! Was sorely tempted, but sadly the barrow was already very full, so perhaps next trip if they are still there 😉 x

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