Fragrance in a garden is what makes you stop and look around in search of the source ; and it’s a fact that we plant more willingly sweet smelling plants than rotting evil smelly specimens !

It makes me feel like sipping a glass of hot tea with a spoonful of honey in the open.

In my dad’s garden, spring is at last showing some heat. Nothing like what’s happening at Botanic Bay at the moment, from what Mike Lucky Spade reported earlier on the phone !

Syringa microphilla ‘Superba’ is amazing for the powerful scent it produces ; it flowers from April to October, a trusted companion to welcome visitors at the entrance of the garden.



Then I spotted Matthiola spreading everywhere in the garden – a very undemanding plant with a lovely fragrance  that self seeds actively year after year :


Now the star of the garden, all eyes are starring at its growth at the moment – the precious white bells ought to be fully open on May 1st !

It is not only a sign of good luck for us, but also for the garden at large, as it serves as an incubator for the larvae of the butterfly Lepidoptera.

lilly of the valley





























I’m off to take le chien for a walk – no way I can miss such a glorious morning ! On the way back, I’ll stop at a field covered with wild plants and you’ll be sure to find me flat on the ground, trying for the best angle ! More snapshots soon .

Apr 29, 2012

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