work placement for landscape design students

Work experience is an important part of the qualifiation in the Higher Vocational Training in Landscape Design that we teach at Lycée horticole de Lomme.

The students go for 16 weeks split into 3 periods over the two years that their qualifiation takes. From Monday April 2nd, they will be gone for 6 weeks in various firms all over the region or, for some, in their county of origin – the south, the west, Paris area… Some will be on site – managing a team. Others will be in a landscape architect’s office – working on computer assisted drawing.

So dear students, here is a little note for you as you’re about to leave, and thank you for sharing you feelings.

Enjoy and do come back some time in May !

Alexis said : “I hope to be integrated into a good team. I’ll be on site – I expect to be tired, but I’m sure to live a great experience.”

Kevin, the Southerner confided : “I’m going back to Carcassonne. I love being there, it’s sunny and hot. I’ll be on site. The company specializes in private gardens, with rockeries, and planting around swimming-pools lots of Mediterranean plants.”

Sébastien exclaimed : ” I’m very excited ! I’ll be on site, but I don’t know yet the project I’ll be working on. It’s a familybusiness, my uncle runs the company. ”

Valentin said : “I am a bit anxious because I don’t know how things are going to develop. I’m scared not to have anything to do which is interesting. To be a trainee is not an easy position.”

Laurent wishes “to learn new things. I’ve already worked as a trainee in a firm before. It was a landscape company too, so I have some experience. I’m quite happy.”

Pauline expects “to discover landscape tehniques. I’ll be working on computers, making drawings with the help of a landscape architect. I’ll also make visits on site. The project is about the revamping of a car park in Lille city centre.”

Edouard : ” I feel good. But I’m also not too quiet about this work placement because I have problems with the use of computer programmes. The trainer seems to be a nice man, I’ll be within a team of 6 people.”

Héloise : “I’ll be in Lille. I don’t know the project but I go with Coralie. The trainer said he wanted to give us the best of his experience.”


Mar 29, 2012

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