planting apple-trees

This is going to put our pruning skills to the test.

We purchased two two-armed cordon apple trees from a local nursery, recommended by the regional conservatory for eco biodiversity of the North of France. They are Reine de France and Reinette des Capucins, two species originary from this area. This will ensure a good settlement of the plants together with a better resistance to diseases – well that’s the specialists’ advice anyway. The good thing about visiting the Pepinière Capron in Avelin was that you are sure to get sound professional advice, and the man won’t let you take one of his fruit-trees without knowing everything about where you’re going to plant it and how… Also you come once to decide what you want, the type of training, the taste, the time of harvest… and a second time to pick your specimens bare-rooted, preferably one week later.

We got through all the ‘tests’ OK I believe, as the nursery man trusted us with our order in due time, and so not one minute was wasted to plant them and tie them to a frame. Well this is not entirely true, as the spot that was initially agreed by Mike Lucky Spade and myself was disqualified by the former, on the point that it was a curved line running along the back terrace. What didn’t you think of it before ????!!!!

So we raked our brains for twenty minutes, the spare time we had before lunch and going to golf as it was the perfect day for at least 9 holes, we had a look around the garden, and it was eventually decided that they would go into two different locations instead of forming a long 6 meter cordon.

So one is now planted by the decking :

The bit of straw that’s in front of it is in fact where the pampas grass was ; we decided to get rid of it today after my mum and dad told me the frightening amount of money they had to pay to get rid of theirs, which was 4 times as big as ours, but still, plus Hervé told us it as a nasty thing to have in a garden, very hard to get rid of and cutting leaves etc. So today was the day we took drastic action into removing it once and for all.

Near the new hedge, the hamamelis is no longer alone : the bulbs are coming to bloom !

Mar 11, 2012

2 comments to planting apple-trees

  • Tammie Wineheart

    Great to see people planting fruit trees, lets hope you get a good harvest.
    I will look forward to seeing a photo of it in a few months time to see it in full leaf (and flower).
    Your garden is filling out nicely. Keep on going (and growing)
    Well done

  • Gaz

    Looking good, I can understand removing the pampas grass. They look good if you have the space.

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