guess what’s back…

mowing’s back !

I couldn’t resist the urge after lunch : sunshine, heat and a feel like I want to lay in the sun… but there is was, an untidy lawn, put to the test by the new introduction of a dog and relentless planning and planting around.

I had to go to the shed, and reach for the mower, left idle for the last few months. Waky Waky ! Plug in and vroooommm, I zoom round the garden, there are new plants to mow around, new beds to make you manoeuvre more slowly and carefully.

Since we removed the conifer hedge that surrounded our corner plot, Botanic Bay is there to be seen openly, and I believe that by the weekend, other people in the neighbourhood will have joined the chorus.

Hey hey ! Mowing is back !

Mar 15, 2012

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