clang bang pshiiiit

Strange noises were produced last week as one class of students were busy preparing two displays for our OPEN DAY ON May 12th.

The first one is about the beginning and the end : a strange tree made of cardboard, plastic, material… will rise above a hole spiralling up and sending mud roots at the surface.

Here the mud hole










There the base of the artificial tree being put together and secured :







And finally the two united :

While in another part of the lycée, some clearing was under process :











Before a graph artist painted the wall afresh… and the students planned the plant display to accompany the graph. The completed design will be visible later in April !

See you then…


Mar 25, 2012

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  • Mike "lucky" Spade

    The mud-hole looks very interesting !
    I like it,…mysterious & imaginative…. does it go to a new universe, or the underworld,…is there a story or myth attached ??

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