inviting colour inside the house

With temperatures flirting with extremes…






I decided to stay indoors for the mo, and bring colour onto different areas of the lounge and dining-room.

The bar is getting colonised by all sorts of plants, candles and today I added to the collection by recycling an Evian glass bottle and converting it into a vase. I end up having a display in shades of green and purple. Note that the dangling frog is sadly (?!) no more, as it fell to the tiled floor and broke into several bits – I thought it was plastic – I was proved wrong. End of story !

On the dining-table, a glorious display of Ranunculas and Anemones helps you lift the mornig eyelid at breakfast time, accelarate the busy look at lunchtime -kids, finish your plate ! and soothe the weary glance at dinnertime – still papers to mark…

On the mantelpiece, but safely moved away as Mike Lucky Spade undertook to light a roaring fire all weekend, two newities in the house : an earth orchid, amazing with its patterns on the leaves











and Fittonia, notable for its dark green foliage ; commonly called “Nerve Plant” or “Mosaic Plant”.

There are apparently 15 known species of Fittonia. It is a short plant with lush green leaves with accented veins of white to deep pink. Flowers are small with a white to off-white color. This plant is best kept in a moist area with mild sunlight and temperatures above 55°F. It must be watered regularly. Without water for a few days, this plant is known to “faint” but is easily revived with a quick watering and resumes its healthiness. Fittonia makes a great indoor plant as well as a groundcover.










Meanwhile, our garden was being guarded by a smiling sentinel…










Feb 5, 2012

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