Sunny Sunday

… and the path is complete at last ! The project started in the summer from one corner of the house to go round the whole length to the back terrace, has come to en end with the final studding of pebbles in soft white mortar at the far end. Hurray, and well done, Mike Lucky Spade.

We have planted a line of buxus -still very tiny ! at the start of the length because it is shaded by the liquidambar on the left when in leaf, and anything tall would have made the area look crammed. At the other end on the contrary, space was available to install two posts to support two grapevines and some raspberry bushes which we will train along the bottom lines while the vines would grow along the top lines. We got inspiration from Hervé’s garden, who does that beautifully.

Looking for some flowers, I found that Hamamelis was starting to bloom

















Meanwhile, coffee time after lunch in winter is a quality moment shared with le chat : just look and smile – if you’re a cat lover !

the whiskers say it all !

Jan 15, 2012

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