keeping inside

The weather has turned wintery, so now that we are well into January, I find that my love for flowers cannot wait for the garden to be blooming galore !

I chose a bunch of Renoncula, Ranunculus asiaticus, at the flowershop last Sunday.

I am truly fond of these flowers, I find they are generous with petals and their colour is a delight for the eye. I was happily surprised to learn that the well known buttercup is also a type of Ranunculus !

The name is derived from the Latin word ‘rana’, which means ‘little frog’, as some varieties are aquatic plants and grow in ponds where lots of batracians live. Also maybe because the fruit looks like a tadpole = little frog = ranunculus.

On the mantelpiece, I have a sole Germini coupled with grass standing in a vase that matches the lamp foot.


Jan 18, 2012

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