work experience in New Caledonia

Quentin, 20,  undertook a trip to New Caledonia and stayed for 5 weeks in Noumea last November. He worked for a firm specialized in the maintenance and creation of gardens. They do various jobs like creating ponds, planting (palms, flamboyant, herbs, fruit trees – mango, litchi, banana, corossol, frangipanis…), fencing and the usual maintenance tasks : pruning, mowing, weeding…

Quentin worked more especially on fencing :

– one was a wooden fence : it surrounds the town sports field at Dumbea sur Mer









– the other one was a wire fence for a public garden, still at Dumbea sur Mer   







He worked in a team of 3 people from 6.30 to 11 am and from 12 to 3.30pm. At lunchtime, he would have a sandwich which

was kept in a coolbox and wash it down with a lot of water – the heat was intense for a recently imported zoreille !

After work, the day was spent with family and friends, strolling on the beach, or through the town. A few pics of what life was like over there…


splish splash splosh

scuba diving in a natural pool on the Pine Island












natural pool on the Pine Island












Dec 11, 2011

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