tree frogs

I believe you’re going to find this pair appealing !

Caught in a papaye tree in New Caledonia last November, they seemed quite unconcerned by the overexcited zoreille who was busy flashing around them, in a frenzy of “this is once in a lifetime ! Here and there ! Me and now ! “.

Islands like New Caledonia are natural reserves for some animal and plant species. It’s good that the young generation can see them with their own eyes, feel them with their own hands, share with the locals about their habitat, and way of life. Thus I am convinced they are more aware of the fragility of the eco system, and the urgent need there is to preserve it by all means.

Smile ! This zoreille is putting us in the box for fame ! We may make it to Hollywood, say a sequel to Madagascar 2 ?

Dec 1, 2011

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