Oyster mushroom

aka Pleurotus ostreatus is one of my top 10 favourite mushrooms. This week at the bio shop, I discovered a yellow variety (Latin name Pleurotus citrinopileatus).

I shall cook them tonight with some shallot and parsley, to complement their widely noted delicate, slightly fruity taste. It’ll be a side dish to a risotto à ma façon, with peppered lardy bacon and mini chorizo sausages.

As the festive dinners of Xmas and New Year are approaching, it’s time to get closer and friendlier to the kitchen, transformed into a laboratory for preparing the most colourful, appealingly tasty dishes. Not an easy task when you have kids with a palate half English half French, I tell you that !  Mike Lucky Spade has been growing incredibly sensitive to good food, and it was not to be taken for granted at the beginning of our relationship ! I mean, someone who relishes on stuffing flavoured crisps into a ham triangle sandwich made me think twice about the compatibility of our life style at the time !

But there is something I am not trying to bake this year again : the famous bûche de Noël. I say let the pro do it, and I placed my order in due time for a three chocolate log for Xmas, and one with praliné, nuts and salty caramel for New Year.

Oh and gardening-wise, in the house, I have replaced my withering hyacinths by some wild flower seeds which I’m going to try to grow indoors… Not sure wether it’s going to work, but I thought it was worth a try as I could already imagine an explosion of flowers as a centre-piece for my dining-table.

Dec 18, 2011

4 comments to Oyster mushroom

  • Laura Bonney

    Tee hee, crisps in sandwiches were a step forward for a certain lil brother I remember surviving on a diet of cheese sandwiches and allowing no more than 6 baked beans on a plate! How his new international lifestyle has expanded his horizons! Also have fridge full of different mushrooms for the slow cooked beef bourginoin (apologies for dodgy spelling)for dinner to keep out the icy cold from recent snow. The lovely delicate cyclamen I planted in the garden are bravely holding up their heads against the first onslaught of Winter!.

  • Farhan

    I really like mushrooms but there aren’t many varieties in my country. 🙁

  • Chrissy

    WOW never seen mushrooms like that before. I have never cooked with mushrooms either. I like your idea about placing an order 😉 I do that often!

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