I’m feeling red

This post is in response to Tanntoot’s message on the winter blues !

Red is very present in my life. As a child, my mum says I would choose orange as my favourite colour. Which provoked her to buy me a pair of bright orange flares, but mind you, we talk about the 70s here…

Then I grew into an adult, yes I did ! , and my favourite colour is now red. I looked for possible reasons in the fields of cultural references and chromotherapy.

– one ethymology to the word ‘red’ refers to the Latin word ruber, that gave its name to the red oak Robur. Then the adjective ‘robustus’, derived from robur, meant ‘of oak’. From there ‘strong, solid’ like the oak. I must  be strong for my kids and in front of my students !

– since Antiquity, it has refered to the South cardinal point, thus designing the culture of the South of the Mediterranean (the Red Sea, Erythrea, Australia). I have a deep love for the South, the sunshine, the heat… I’m like a lezzard as soon as the sunrays are hot enough in the garden, otherwise like a cat basking on my couch for a nap in the sun filtering through the curtains

– in Western societies, it has various symbolical meanings :

  • love, passion, blood, erotism
  • revival, warmth, appetite, life, feasts, shows (theatres/operas are decorated in red and gold)
  • the evil, temptation, fire, destruction
  • power, sovereignity, aristocracy
  • on a psychological level : joie de vivre, optimism, vigor…

In chromotherapy, the colour red is used to stimulate, tone, fortify the mind. It is also used as a thermal inductor.

I understand better why in my family, there has been a common practice for treating sore throats… Wear a red scarf !

Now, nothing like a glass of hot tea with a spoonful of honey to look on the bright side of winter !

red germini bringing warmth on my tray...


Dec 29, 2011

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  • Lovely post & thank you for sharing! 🙂 Please allow me to add that to ethnic chinese communities, Red signifies Prosperity, Good Wishes, Life, Happiness, Energy. Be it during marriage ceremonies, Lunar New Year celebrations, birthday celebrations, anything happy & positive really, the colour Red features prominently! That must be a reason as to why Nature has MORE red flowers than blue ones, haha!

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